About Us



The GMC was born from passion. Passion for music, and passion for the people and places that make music.


We wanted to build a community where the musicians, technicians, studios and business folk from across this great industry could come and benefit from each other.

We wanted to build a place where you could find a really talented engineer or musician at the very last minute – and read peer-lead reviews of their work. We wanted members to be able to find e

verything they needed instantly - from a studio in Poland with a Hammond organ to their next job for a creative service.

So we built it. Welcome to the GMC.



The GMC founders engaged in the classic debate that has torn so many musicians apart in the past - “who gets to put their hands in their pockets for the photo…”


The GMC Team


David (Saxon) Greenep  - Co-Founder and MD



David has enjoyed a long and varied career in the music industry. He has managed a recording studio, worked as a freelance engineer and also a composer. With his band Sixtoes he has recorded and released two albums and is currently working on a new album with The GMC’s Ian Duncan. He understands the emotional and financial stresses of the industry and how important it is to build and nurture a network. His passion is providing music professionals with all the tools they might need to do better in the industry – under one roof and at a price they can afford.

Find out more about David here

Fact about David: After remixing four tracks for the band, Depeche Mode’s lead singer Dave Gahan sang guest vocals on his last single!


Kriss Walas - Director The GMC U.S.A 



Kriss has been living and breathing music since the day he can remember. Over the last 15 years in the industry he has done extensive work in live sound, artist management, music production, mixing, mastering, and music education.


Kriss is currently developing: His own career as an artist, an EDM record label, and his studio, The ContinUum Music Studio, located in Sacramento, California. When Kriss is not working on his music business he works artists through his educational institution called The Music and Recording Arts Academy. 

Find out more about Kriss Here


Adam King - Co-Founder



Adam is the ‘business guy’, helping to turn David’s utopian vision for a community of music professionals into a functioning reality. He has been at the helm of a number of businesses over his career, winning awards for entrepreneurship and speaking at business events. He is also a music obsessive – attending gigs and festivals as often as he can (and even performing himself from time to time). He returned from Burning Man this year a changed man - immediately insisting that membership had to be free for everyone – even the studios – and that ‘the rest would follow’. And this is from the business brains of the operation!


Fact about Adam: His proposal video went viral and has been seen by over 20 million people!


Nyasha Duri


Nyasha is a 19 year old on her gap year who loves music and is big on technology and entrepreneurship. Originally from Zimbabwe, where she on the whole grew up on rap, R'n'B and African artists, she has lived in the UK for nearly a decade so now appreciates most genres. She joined The GMC because she wants to learn more about the technical details of production, create mixes to share and connect with other fans especially for collaboration or concert going purposes.


Marcus (MJ) Salisbury



MJ, as he’s known in the business, is the Co-Head of Abbey Road Live Here Now, Director of DMZ live and Audio Live Production manager for Depeche Mode. In short, he is multi-skilled music industry legend. He’s worked with the best, and is a veritable font of wisdom and experience. What MJ doesn’t know about studios, equipment and the industry as a whole simply isn’t worth knowing.


Fact about MJ: He has performed on Top of the Pops!


Ian Duncan



At some point in your music career you will have used a piece of equipment that Ian has been involved in. A tech genius and sound creator extraordinaire, Ian has been director at Flat Pack Audio for 11 years. As well as creating sounds for music, Ian has 14 years’ experience mixing movies at Shepperton studios.

Fact about Ian: He has worked with James Brown. Enough said!




The Support Team

Without the amazing work of Babs, Trevor, Lucy, David, Jenny, Maddy and our team of techie geniuses the GMC would simply grind to a halt. We are extremely grateful to them for their hard work, dedication and energy.


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