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    String Press - Online String Recording
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     StringPress is a string recording, string arrangement and composition outfit founded by Niamh Fahy (violinist) and Kevin Butler (recording engineer). StringPress provides both live session recording and remote recording with options ranging from solo violin to ensemble tracks. 




    Remote Recording

    Save on expensive studio time with StringPress. By using our simple process you can have a fully produced track to incorporate into your mix without the hassle of booking extra studio time & co-ordinating session musicians. We are dedicated to producing top quality tracks  and are confident in ensuring your full satisfaction.  All tracks are recorded in a professional recording studio in Austin, Texas. 


    Rates vary depending on the project. Contact StringPress here to receive a quote. 


    Remote Recording


    Send Us Your File

    Send us your track, demo or simply a song you would like us to produce a string part on. The level of creative input is up to you. Provide us with a score of what you would like, a concept or an idea, or if you are not sure what you want, let our composers and arrangers create the perfect string track for you. 


    Get A Quote

    When we receive your track and directions ,we will send you an exact quote. Once we agree on the quote, it will not change throughout the course of the recording process. Professional recording engineer and revisions are included in the final quote.  Payment will be accepted once you are fully satisfied. 


    Recording Your Custom String Track

    The recording process takes place in a fully serviced recording studio in Austin. Involvement in the recording process is guaranteed with drafts sent to you for approval. 


    What We Provide

    24 bit 96kHz stereo interleaved .wav mixdown ( up to 192kHz available )
    ( edited and mixed with natural ambience & digital effects to taste )

    Recorded in ProTools HD with:

    Shure condenser microphones
    Royer ribbon microphones
    api preamps
    Great River preamps
    Lively 35' x 16' room with vaulted ceiling, concrete floors and various wood surfaced walls.

    Upon request, we can provide multitracks and stems for any format DAW and also ProTools session data. 



    Live Session Recording

    Looking for a live string session for your recording?  StringPress can provide everything from an ensemble  and quartet string section down to a solo violinist or cellist for your track. You chose the combination of instruments you would like and StringPress will do the rest. As with our remote recording process, the level of creative involvement is up to you. Provide us with a composed score, recorded idea or chord chart or if you are not sure what you want let our composer and arranger, write and arrange your string track. 


    Rates vary, depending on the project and the number of session musicians required. 



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