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    Welcome to Broadoak Studios

    It's all about feel, vibe and authenticity here at Broadoak. We are dedicated to achieving excellent results, no matter what size project or budget we are working with. Inspired by the great studios of past decades and the many classic albums they have produced, we have invested heavily in great vintage technology, alongside all of the cutting edge digital tools you would expect in a modern recording studio.

    Our main live room is comfortable, full of atmosphere and has a high oak beamed ceiling which gives a great sound and acoustic environment. We can even change the colour of the lighting to suit your preference! The studio is geared towards recording live performances, where the whole band can play together (the only way to capture the energy and feel of a real performance), and each musician has their own elegantly simple headphone mixer, allowing everyone to hear exactly what they need to give their best performance.

    Our control room is based around a vintage Raindirk Series III console which used to belong to Olympic Studios in London during the late 70's - 80's, where many classic albums were recorded and mixed by artists including Queen, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and many more. Needless to say, it's a beautiful sounding desk! And a quantum leap up from the 'in the box' plug-in only based mixes that are so common today.

    We are able to offer a complete, one-stop solution for all your recording and production needs, from tracking to mixing, from production to CD manufacture, plus of course, our mastering services. For our online mastering, we offer a turnaround time as fast as 24 hours, while attended mastering sessions are available by appointment. We also perform audio restoration including removal of hiss, vinyl crackle and scratches, repairs to tape drop outs etc. We have restored and re-mastered a great many re-issued albums as diverse as Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong to classical recordings to Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

    We also have a smaller, pre & post production room suitable for smaller sessions, overdubs, editing and graphic design.

    Broadoak Studios, run by producer and composer Harvey Summers with assistant engineer Glen Stebbings, is set in rural Sussex, has plenty of free parking, an amazingly inspiring atmosphere (which all of our clients have commented on!), comfortable working environment, friendly, professional service and freshly ground coffee!

    Whatever your recording or music production requirements, with over 20 years professional, commercial experience, we pride ourselves on offering the quality of service and degree of finesse and attention to detail associated with the finest recording studios and producers around.


    Harvey Summers Ι Record Producer & Sound Engineer

    • Over 20 years commercial experience

    • 2 million album sales as original artist

    • full project management from rehearsals to masters

    • passionate about originality in music and quality in sound

    • live bands and live studio recording a speciality

    • dedicated to delivering results on time and on budget

    • multi-instrumentalist

    • experienced in a wide range of genres

    • composition and music for media


    Harvey Summers is a record producer, recording artist, song writer and sound engineer with over 20 years professional, commercial experience. Passionate about originality and innovation in music and sound production, he has built his Broadoak Studios facility around an eclectic array of the finest vintage analog and latest digital equipment. Summers feels strongly that the priority of producer should be to aid the artist in developing their own unique sound, rather than imprinting his own sonic signature on all he touches. That said, his work always shows great care and sensitivity to the emotional intent of the music while seeking new and interesting sounds that are both unusual and sonically pleasing.

    Summers’ 20 plus years of experience affords him an extensive understanding of classic and modern recording techniques, he plays a wide range of instruments which he cites as crucial in order to understand the way musicians work. For Summers, production begins with the song, arrangement and performance. He places particular focus on creating a relaxed, inspiring and creative atmosphere to help artists give their best performances. His Broadoak Studios reflects this philosophy where clients frequently comment on how they love the feel and style of his working environment and know their work is in safe hands.

    Over the years, he has developed a number of innovative techniques evident in his productions, which convey a great sense of impact, dynamics and emotionality. He favours mixing by hand on his Raindirk console over mixing in the box as this allows a performance element to enter the mix, which also enhances the living, organic qualities of his sound which is often described as warm and three dimensional.

    His extensive collection and working knowledge of vintage microphones and equipment, some of which is custom made to his own designs, add unique colours to his sonic palette. He is also fully conversant with current software and plug-ins including Logic, Pro Tools, RX Advanced, UAD, Waves and many more.

    ARTISTS: Danny Thompson • Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell • Otti Albietz • Junk Deluxe • Steeleye Span • Jipsy Magic • John Pearson • Peter Kirtley Band featuring Sir Paul McCartney • Phil Thornton • Liane Caroll • Claire Hamill • Russ Conway • The Blood • Geoff Leigh • Positive Infinity Flavio Costa (Gipsy Kings) • Goldie Reed • Kenny Craddock • Divine Comedy • Buick 6 • Jet Cohen and the Aerials (ex-Penguin Café Orchestra) • Ellie Ford • Laura Cole

    LABELS: BBE Records • Rise Above Records • EMI • Sony/BMG • West One • Sonic Quiver

    TV SHOWS & COMMERCIALS: The One Show (BBC) • Top Gear (BBC) • Eastwick (ABC) • Blue Peter (BBC) • Pandora Jewelry (2014 Valentines campaign) • Looking (HBO) • Saving Grace (FOX) • 
    The Middle (ABC) • First 48 (A&E) • Doctor Who (BBC) • Panorama (BBC) • American Idol (ITV) • Confused.Com • The X Factor (ITV)

    FILM SCORES: Interference (Eyeline) • Reservations (Eyeline) • Amreeka (First Generation Films) • Chilly Dogs (GFT Entertainment) • The Secret (Prime Time Productions)

    AWARDS: Two Sound On Sound 5 Star Awards • International Songwriting Competition 2013 Semi-Finalist • Six Loopmasters Producer awards.


    Studio A

    Studio A is built around a unique, vintage Raindirk Series III mixing console, from the late 1970's. Formerly owned by Olympic studios in London where it played a part in many great classic albums from the likes of Queen, Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Comparable to a vintage Neve in terms of quality, but with it's own unique sonic signature, this is one great sounding board. The mic pre's are transparent, open and detailed, the eq's powerful, smooth and musical. The stereo imaging superb! We also have an amazing Glensound console, built like a tank for the BBC in the 70's and previously owned by Babyshambles guitarist, Mick Whitnall, it has unusual 'stereo-width' controls which can add lots of space and depth to a mix, pre's which sound much like vintage API's, and a telephone which provides a hotline to Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain!


    Our live room boasts a nice high oak beamed ceiling and plenty of room to get everyone comfortable. We have stations around the room which make setting up a painless exercise. We have a corner which sounds great for drums, behind a plexi-glass drum screen (so you can look at your drummer in his little den!) a stunning vintage Gretsch kit is available for use on request, a keyboards station with F Mulbach baby grand piano, Elka Hammond copy, Wurlitzer 200A electric piano, Korg MS2000 synth, Korg Wavestation, Fatar 88 note weighted keyboard and a harmonium. The guitar area houses a custom built Barnet-Davis valve combo which is a really great little amp and a Fender Princeton. We have a few very nice Yamaha electrics and a vintage Fylde Arial parlour guitar (great for fingerpicking), a vintage 'Mountain' which is a lovely jumbo martin copy from the 70's (great for strumming!), plus a 'High string' guitar, also known as 'Nashville tuning'. Also, we have an Ozark resonator, a twelve string, various mandolins, bazoukies, a cuatro and a bunch other fun instruments. The Bass area has a simple McGregor bass combo which doesn't look like much but records very well indeed, and a Vintage electric bass and an acoustic bass.

    Each station in the live room has a custom-built 8 channel headphone mixer, allowing each musician in the room to set up their own unique headphone balance.


    Oh, and we also have remote controlled colour lighting to tune the mood of the room to your tastes, and video link between the live room and the control room.

    Sticking with our ethos of marrying the best of vintage equipment to the latest in cutting edge digital technology, click on the images to the right for details of some of our favourite stuff!



    We love ribbon mics, so we have a nice selection:

    • RCA 44-BX

    • 2 x RCA 77DX

    • 2 x RCA 74B

    • Rare British made RCA Variacoustic

    • 2 x BK11

    • Coles 4038

    • MXL R77

    • RM7 stereo ribbon

    • Octava MA52, M5202, 504

    • 2 x T-Bone ribbons (sound better thank you might think!)

    Valve mics

    We have a pair of Sony C37A's from the '50s which were Sony's answer to the Neumann U47. They sound absolutely gorgeous and are used extensively by producer Daniel Lanois, among others. It is also rumoured that this is the only microphone Frank Sinatra would record with!

    We also have a Mojave MA200 which is very nice on acoustic guitar

    Octava ML2500.


        • Neumann TLM193, 2 x KM85

        • AKG C414

        • Sony C38


        • Sennheiser MD409 (the best on guitar cabs)

        • 2 x Sennheiser MD421(Toms!)

        • Sennheiser MD403 & MD441

        • Shure Beta 58, SM58's, SM57's, 545, SM7

        • 2 x AKG D12E

    We also have a range of very strange and unique sounding vintage mic's which can be fun for special effects etc!


    Mic Pre-Amps

    There's no point having a cupboard full of great mic's if your mic pre's aren't up to the job, so we have a superb selection:

    • Raindirk Series III console houses 28 stunning mic pre's & eq's

    • Glensound consoles house 8 punchy mic pre's and eq's

    • 4 channels Neve/Tweed C514 with eq's

    • 5 channels Telefunken V76 pre's & eq's

    • 2 channels Focusrite ISA 430 (pre's, eq's, compressors)

    • 8 channels custom built RCA valve pre's

    • 2x RCA BA44's

    • 2 channels AEA TRP

    • 1 channel GA Pre-73



    • Universal Audio 1176LN (classic and essential!)

    • Anthony Demaria Labs C/L 1500 stereo valve comp (similar to LA2A) - silky smooth vocals, super punchy drums! Delicious.

    • 2 x McMartin LR-1004c (favoured by Tom Waites for their aggressive sound)

    • 1 channel GA Comp-54

    • 2 channels Focusrite Platinum compounder

    • 2 channels Focusrite ISA 430 compressors & eq's etc


    Then, in the virtual world, we have almost all of the UAD plug-ins running on UAD DUO and SOLO cards. Plus a host of others from Soundtoys to Waves etc.


    Effects and other Outboard

    • Eventide H3000-D/SX fully loaded classic effects. Beautiful!

    • AMS DMX 15-80S with harmoniser cards and 1.63 seconds of delay. Gorgeous echoes, octaves and harmonies plus many other unique effects from the dawn of the digital era.

    • AMS DMX 15T "timeflex" similar to the above but with a different approach to sound bending!

    • Vintage Bel BD-80 and BD-320 delays (similar to the AMS)

    • Lexicon PCM-80

    • Lexicon Jam Man

    • Lexicon MPX-1

    • Boss SX-700

    • 2 x Boss RPH-10 Phasers

    • Boss RBF-10 Flanger

    • Zoom 9120

    • TC electronic M-One

    • TC electronic finalizer 96K

    • WEM Copicat

    • Sansui spring reverb

    • Many rare and vintage guitar pedals from Kay Orange fuzz to Big Muff Pi!



    • PMC IB1S Midfield monitors powered by Bryston amps, found in the worlds top studios.

    • PMC TB2As with flying mole active amps

    • Original (and best) Mackie HR-824's

    • ADAM Sub 8

    • All of our headphones are professional Sony studio headphones.



    • Revox B77 MkII (¼vccccc inch stereo machine)

    • Tascam DA-30 mk II (DAT recorder)

    • Yes, we still keep a few cassette players and record turntables handy too!


    Our analogue wonderland is connected to the world of digital via a motu 24i/o and 2408 for extra signals and digital transfers, using the PCI 424 system. We then run Logic pro, izotope RX2 advanced etc on our 8-core 3Ghz mac pro tower which has 12GB ram and around 8TB external storage including a RAID set for added security of your important files. Mixes are recorded at 24-bit, 96kHz via TC electronic A/D converters.


    Studio B

    Studio B is our handy, smaller production suite ideal for sequencing, pre and post production and editing. There is enough space to comfortably record a singer or guitarist so is perfect for small projects including overdubs, vocal only recordings, voiceovers etc. We also use this room for graphic design work (such as CD art etc), and it can be patched in to studio A for use as an additional recording room on large sessions.

    Any project which does not require the facilities of studio A can be accommodated here in the capable hands of assistant engineer, Glen Stebbings.


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    Sussex, Sussex, Sussex
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