How to fund research.

  • How to Fund Research


    How to fund research?  In the way of Sparticus I am.  In the way of industries they aren't.  In the way of Socrates I was him.  In the way of selling music you suck America.  I believe in selling music.  I believe in music slumps.  I believe in the art of seeling war.  I don't see why mp3 are illegal even though my music software exports them.  Why as America are corporations swallowing up all the competition.  This is the misnomer.  That industries win.  We cannot stand by and let music get swallowed whole like a whale feeling on fish.  It is this belief that music can't be sold that trivializes it.  It says music is only good for industry standard.  Why mp3 trading is illegal is beyond me.  All it does is endorse music and make a sale.  Why can't music be free across the board.  Corporate or independent.  I love TuneCore.  They are my publishers for Itunes.  I'm Wisdom.  Look for me under Wisdom On the Rocks or Wisdom Going Short.  It's a great read.  Ha ha!  That's what the industries are doing to us now.  Laughing.  All the way to the poorhouse. Music isn't selling even though it is great.  Ask Pearl Jam what they think and will tell you it all sucks even though they're albums are probably selling as we speak.  So why not create a constitution that says music is meant to be free.  Try putting a buy button next to all free music and you will see it thrive.  Try selling your album everywhere and bring back f'n mp3 dot com.  I see the future and it is bright.  Dmusic once to come back but Dimension Music can't get their site up.  I believe we must all fund research that makes music free.  By this I mean we must endorse those websites and web portals that endorse music properly.  Think of buying music as funding research.  It is this attitude that will make music free again. They tore us down!  They tore down music when it was free!  They loused it all up when we had it all.  Corporate and welfare.  So speak out America and tell us what you think.

    That is all.


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