How To Smartly Choose Right Luggage Or Five Things You Should C

  • Are you planning a trip and not only thinking about what items to take with you but also how to put them all together in one luggage? Appropriately selected lightweight and durable carrying bag or luggage is one of the successful parts of the journey. But how to choose the perfect suitcase smartly?

    The choice depends on the vehicle in which you are going to travel with too. One suitcase type is right if you are traveling on the plane, another is more suitable for a trip by train. For this reason, you must always take notice how you are going to travel.

    1. At first

    When selecting a suitcase, you should answer three fundamental questions:

    1. What vehicle am I traveling with?
    2. For how long am I leaving?
    3. What am I going to take with me in a suitcase?

    First of all, you should decide and honestly answer yourself what you are really going to need on a trip and how much souvenirs you are planning on taking. One the other hand, maybe you are just a simple wanna-be digital nomad or leaving for a business trip and need to take only essentials with you? Based on these aspects, you will not have a big mess in luggage while packing.

    2. Casters

    Typically, suitcases are made with two or four wheels. If you are leaving for a short trip and you need a small suitcase, it is recommended to choose a small two wheels version, which has a much more convenient and faster maneuvering.

    You should take attention if the casters of the luggage are coated or not too. They may be damaged when you will be moving in a narrow corridor of the train or the airplane. Longer journeys also mean larger suitcase, which, of course, will also be heavier. In these cases, it is recommended to choose the four casters options that will facilitate your and luggage’s maneuvering.

    3. The type and material

    Ones who already have bought cheap suitcases are well aware that plastic castors do not endure during longer trips. So if you have decided to invest a bit more into your luggage, it is recommended to pay attention if casters are made of rubber and are placed on the bearings. In this case, you can be sure that the suitcase is not only going to last longer but also it will be easier for you to use it.

    Cases can be made of hard or soft materials. If you do not plan to take items that tend to wrinkle or get curled, the soft suitcase can be just right for you. They have one great advantage: thanks to their elasticity such luggage can accommodate a lot more than the ones made from hard materials. This suitcase is also easier to push into the trunk of a car, and it can be the right choice if you are going to travel via train.

    The solid produced luggage is perfectly suitable for the air travel. The biggest advantage of such luggage is their hardness, thanks to which even at high loads, it helps to protect the contents of the luggage. It also returns to the original's appearance if there was any kind of damage before.

    4. Handles, holders

    Handle qualities are determined by its length and overall design. Length should be adjusted to your height. The main thing to look for is if you are able to pull the suitcase while standing straight.

    Currently, most of the luggage has rigid telescopic holders. Most important thing is if a particular holder is correctly attached to the luggage case. Preferably, the holder should be integrated into the housing frame - the sewn-in handle is not a very permanent solution. The frame should be made of duralumin alloy too.

    5. Zippers

    Lastly, zippers, which are one of the most crucial elements of a suitcase. It is said that the best, most resilient zippers are the ones that are large metal ones. To be fair, plastic is lighter, but it is much more vulnerable. Each of us would probably agree that a broken zipper is one of the most unpleasant travel challenges, so in order to avoid it, you can simply choose to purchase luggage with a durable and working metal zipper.

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