1. How do i know the sale is genuine?

We speak to all sellers by email and phone... All sales are approved by us and we do our best to encourage honest selling.

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2. What security do i have with my purchase?

We will not release the money to the seller until the item has been received and you are satisfied with your purchase.

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3. I have a complaint about a seller... What should i do?

Please contact us We at The GMC operate on a strict one strike policy. We believe this is the only way to keep the auction running smoothly.


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4. Can i just pay cash on collection?

Although we wouldn’t recommend it, it would be very difficult to stop you. If payment is not taken through The GMC, we cannot help you with any dispute you may have.

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5. As a seller, do i have to pay commission?

When you contact us requesting to be a seller, we will discuss commission... This will generally depend on how much work you would like us to do.

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