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Internal Bouncing in Multiple DAWS

  • Whats up music producers and artists! If you are planning a cyber trip to the ContinUum Music Studio or any studio make sure that you export your stems out of your personal DAW the correct way! I can not tell you all the number of times clients and students show up with blank audio regions and wonder why the mix played back on their home system! 

    Note: Always check your project size before leaving the house!

    That means: If you project with all the audio and MIDI files is 6 gigs, that make sure the content you pack on your flash drive is more than 500 mb! 

    For detailed info on how to export stems out of multiple DAWS check out this article written by Kris Anderson. You can find a link here!

    For more great audio info check out his site here!


    Digital Performer

    1. The export feature for Digital Performer is pretty much the same as Pro Tools.

    2. Create as many stereo audio tracks as you need stems, assign each one a different aux bus input. If some of your sessions tracks are in mono be sure to create mono audio tracks for them to create your stems.

    3. Send whichever audio/instrument tracks are required for each stem to whichever stem bus using aux sends.
    4. Arm all stem tracks and record all the stems in once pass.

    5. Select each newly recorded stem track in the arrangement, control click on each file and choose export selected audio file. Be sure to make sure each file is exported at the same sample rate and bit depth.

    6. Lastly, create a new folder, label it the name of your project then stems afterwards followed by the bpm of the song. Example ‘project_stems_bpm’. Place all exported files into the folder.


    If you find these tips helpful and want to a know about your DAW and how to export check out the full article at:



    Make sure to come back HERE often for more tips and production advice!

    Also, check out the blog at ContinUum Music Studio:!blog/crid


    Looking forward to catching up with you all soon!


    Written By: Kriss Walas

    GMC North America

    ContinUum Music Studio

The GMC Team U.S.A
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